I've learned to identify a person's competencies by paying attention to small nuances in their behaviour and their choice of words. Koen Van de Velde
Taking this EMBA was a life-changing experience. I most appreciated the combination of knowledge transfer plus the personal coaching. Jan Vernaillen, Marketing Manager Belux
Its greatest strength lies in the fact that it combines theory and practice. Wiet Neve, Provinciebestuur Antwerpen about Certified Competency Assessor from Quintessence
CERAN’s strength is that you’ll live in the language you are studying 24 hours a day. Ceran Language courses - Public institution – Frankfurt
In a very early stage of the program, we were trained in how to assess our students at the Antwerp Management School. Talk about added value. Jo Van Woensel

Discover your unique development bonus

Happy people perform better. And enjoy their work more. A pleasant working experience is closely linked to opportunities for growth and appreciation, which is why we came up with dONUS! dONUS offers the unique link between personal development and total reward!

How does it work?

The employer provides a training budget as part of the employee’s salary package. This amount is kept safely on the employee’s dONUS account.

How does it work?

dONUS gives the employee access to the vast selection of quality training courses available. The employee plots his own ideal development trajectory. dONUS ensures that the administration side of things runs smoothly.

How does it work?

The employee exchanges (some of) their dONUS budget for their chosen course. Or saves it up so that he or she can follow a more advanced or exclusive course. Creating career opportunities (MBA, leadership, coaching, …), personal development (assertiveness, presentation techniques, time management) and individual coaching. It’s all possible!

In summary

It’s a win-win situation for both employer and employee.
The employee receives a training budget to spend on his or her professional and personal growth. This gives employers a no-nonsense way to boost their employees’ skills and loyalty.

Because the professional development of the employee is the objective, the dONUS budget is a business expense exempt from personal income tax.

dONUS works with the best educational institutions in Belgium.

At a glance
dONUS how to


   Extra motivation for essential talent   Greater career opportunities and employability   A powerful advantage in the employment market   More initiative from employees   Relevant, high-quality courses guaranteed   A brand new foundation for your overall rewards strategy   Attractive from a tax perspective   Improved image as a modern and sustainable employer   Savings on HR administration   For large companies and SMEs alike   Accessible to both groups and individuals
   Your own talents and interests as a basis for growth   Greater job satisfaction   More career opportunities   Own training budget guaranteed   Attractive from a tax perspective   Access to more expensive courses that would otherwise be inaccessible   Quick and easy registration   More than 1,000 courses and coaching opportunities

As an employer, you face more challenges than ever before: scarcity in the employment market, employees who demand opportunities for development, higher retirement age, socially responsible business, … dONUS is a new, effective way of retaining the human capital you already have and allowing it to grow, in turn attracting more new talent.

Today it is essential to remain flexible and keep up with the pack, not just for your career’s sake but also for yourself. It feels good to be allowed to explore your interests and develop your talents. It also opens up new options.

dONUS is your personal development budget: your employer gives you the key, but you’re in the driver’s seat. Discover more than 500 quality training options: MBA, leadership, coaching, assertiveness, presentation techniques, time management, individual career guidance, and more. Plot your own course in line with your own interests and objectives.


Multiple professional educational institutions have partnered with dONUS. The result: already more than 1,000 courses and coaching opportunities in our offer. And this number is increasing every day.


dONUS offers a wide range of training options. Below you will find a sampling of them. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Discover all trainings here

Management and Strategy

  • Master Class Creative Jumpers
  • Advanced Management and Leadership Programme
  • Management Essentials for Executives
  • Project Management Basic Training (IPMA standaard)
  • Business Development: from idea to growth
  • Executive MBA
  • Strategy Activation through Lean Six Sigma
  • Master Class in Cultural Management
  • Mini-MBA: Business Essentials for Management Talent
  • Next Generation Leadership


Personal skills and competencies

  • Influencing and Persuasion
  • Selling your Idea
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Powerful and Clear Decision-making
  • 8-week Mindfulness training
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Basic Leadership Skills
  • Speed-Reading
  • Mindmapping


Marketing and Communication

  • Advanced Marketing
  • Community Management: How to Create and Maintain a Successful Online Community
  • Crisis Communication
  • Expertclass: Google Analytics
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Creative Office?
  • Brand Strategy
  • Pricing: Strategies and Tactics
  • Social Media and External Communication
  • Strategic Competencies in B2B Marketing
  • Yammer: social networking within your company’s walls



  • Diploma Programme in Sales Leadership
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Salesopleiding: The Way to Success
  • Channel Management: How to get the Most out of your Distributors?
  • Commercial Aftersales
  • Commercial Skills for Inside Sales Staff
  • Social selling: Boost your Sales with Social Media
  • Negotiating with Hard-bargaining Purchasers
  • Hone your Personal Selling Style
  • What is my Commercial Talent?


Human Resources Management

  • Assessor in a day
  • Basic Training for the Trainer
  • Train the trainer: Introductory Course
  • Sustainable HRM: CSR as a Key to Innovative HR Policy
  • Recruit More Efficiently with the Right Metrics
  • Work Flexibly
  • Holding Performance and Assessment Interviews
  • Workshop in Recruiting using Social Media
  • HRM Masterclass
  • Measuring Employee Satisfaction


Accountancy, Taxation and Finance

  • Introduction to Accounting and Annual Financial Statements
  • Business Economics for Non-Economists
  • Better Outline Tables and Reports with Visual Basic
  • Executive Programme in Financial Performance Management
  • Finance for Senior Managers
  • Credit Management in Practice
  • Masterclass: Financial Policy of the Enterprise
  • Costing: Your Strategic Weapon to Increase Profitability
  • Financial Management for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Private Equity


IT/Design and Publishing

  • Cloud Computing: essentials & business case
  • Dreamweaver CS5: Basics
  • Executive Master of IT Governance and Assurance
  • IT for Non-IT Professionals
  • Adobe InDesign CS6: Basis
  • Enterprise Innovation and Engineering
  • Outlook 2013: Efficient Email Management
  • Putting Your iPad to Professional Use
  • Web Technology for Non-Technical People
  • The Art of Presenting with PowerPoint


Language Courses

Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, …

dONUS Vision and mission


dONUS offers professional support for investing in personal development. dONUS builds bridges between employers that seek to express their appreciation in a unique and effective manner, and motivated employees who want to take their professional and personal development into their own hands.


Employees want satisfaction and opportunities for professional growth. They often look for a generous salary package in combination with freedom of choice and appreciation for their work. Employers need talented and loyal employees. dONUS offers a sustainable win-win solution.

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Are we ready for tomorrow? VOKA study

”In Belgium we don’t have a culture of lifelong learning. And yet this culture is necessary to continue productivity in a constantly changing and evolving environment.” – VOKA Transformation-index EU 28.

What now? 
With the personal training credit account of dONUS++, you become owner of your career and employability in the job market. This way, you keep evolving in a constantly changing environment.

Would you like to invest in your future? 
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

ATTENTION: this study is written in dutch.


New in the offer: SBM

At dONUS, we continously invest in personal development, through a collaboration with about 22 professional educational institutions. In this way, you can enjoy a rich and diverse offer of courses and coaching opportunities. Today, we welcome a new educational institution: SBM. (particularly dutch courses). Curious about what they can mean for your development? Click here to view their offer!


43% wish share bonus in training

More and more employees realize that they themselves can create opportunities for job happiness. They acknowledge the benefit and pleasure of lifelong learning. In the list of key benefits besides salary, trainings are already at number 4.
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